Apple Aims To Help Parents Crack Down On Kids' iPhone Use






Apple announced recently that they will release an app to help parents track their children’s usage of iPhones and iPads.



The app, Screen Time, will allow parents to set limits on the length of time their children can use certain apps, such as, Netflix and Snapchat.



Users will be provided with a summary of time spent on their phones and on certain apps, as well as a time limit feature to prevent overuse.



The new feature was announced at the annual Apple developers conference, and will be included on the new iOS 12 later this year.



Apple CEO Tim Cook said, "We have never been about maximizing the number of times you pick it up, the number of times you use it. All of these things are great conveniences of life," he said. "They change your daily life in a great way. But if you're being bombarded by notifications all day long, that's probably a use of the system that might not be so good anymore."



The recent announcements should please shareholders who have pressured Apple to develop controls to help parents limit iPhone use by teens and children.



There have been concerns about growing "societal unease" about overuse of technology and in particular, smart phones, which have prompted consumers, experts, and critics to call on Apple to limit usage.



A recent study claimed that 78 percent of teens check their phones at least once per hour, and 50 percent report feeling "addicted" to their phones.



The new controls should provide more options for users, especially parents, to ensure people aren’t overusing their devices.



bombard (v.) - to attack a place with bombs, large guns, etc; to criticize or denounce someone or something repeatedly in order to punish someone or convince them to change their actions or opinions

pressure (v.) - attempt to persuade or coerce (someone) into doing something

societal unease (n.) - mental or spiritual discomfort, or anxiety experienced by a group or society as a whole

addicted (adj.) - physically and mentally dependent on a particular substance (such as alcohol, drugs or cigarettes); unable to stop doing something as a habit




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