On Friday, 4 August 2017, there was a fire in one of the world’s tallest apartment buildings in Dubai. The building is called Torch tower and this is the second fire that has happened in just two years.

The 79 floor building was evacuated with nobody getting hurt. A person who was interviewed said that he was sleeping when the fire alarm went off and he heard people screaming.

He ran downstairs and it took him about 10 minutes to get down from the 50th floor. The cause of the fire was still unknown on Friday.

Firefighters put out the fire around 4a.m. and the government said that it was working on finding shelter for residents who needed it.

The fire may bring up questions about the safety of material that gets used on the outside of tall buildings.

An investigation by the building management after the 2015 fire found that most of the damage was to the exterior covering used for decoration or insulation.

Insulation (n.) material used for insulating.




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