"The shop is open 24/7."不是在說這家店7月24號開幕也不是7分之24,而是在說這家店是24小時營業,而且全年無休。英文的商業片語多數和字面上的意義不盡相同,以下列出5組商務片語都有它的延伸意義,幫助你減少英語溝通的障礙。

1. Killed it 幹得好

同事們跟你說 “You really killed it today!”,請不要一臉疑惑加驚恐的否認“I didn’t kill anything!” Killed it在這裡是一種讚美、做得好的意思。當你在會議中覺得台上的人做的簡報很有意思時,這時你可以說 “He’s killing it! What a great presentation.”。

2. Get/Have one's foot in the door 邁出成功第一步

My daughter just took a low-paying internship position with a large company. She was happy to get her foot in the door of a well-known, respected company.

3. Be in the black 有盈餘

It's great news for everyone that the company is back in the black this year after sales increased in the last quarter.
*財務赤字:Be in the red.
Unfortunately, this company has been in the red for the past three years. The CEO is hoping for a positive change next year.

4. Back to square one (被迫)重頭開始

Square one不是一個地點而是表示被迫回到原點,重頭開始的意思。
The CEO hated the idea so we have to change the advertisement’s concept completely, we are going back to square one, dude.

The deal with the house fell through so I'm afraid we're back to square one.

5. 24/7 全年無休

這不是分數也不是日期,它表示「一天24小時,一星期7天都營運」,也就是全天候提供服務(24 hours a day, 7 days a week的縮寫),唸做twenty-four-seven,也用來表達「整天…、永遠都在…」。

The convenience store on the corner is open 24/7.
Ella is really interested in English. She practices it 24/7.


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