「Show & Tell 」是強化英文描述最好的方法,選一張圖鉅細靡遺地描述它,例如圖中人物的動作、空間的動線、照片傳達的意境,找出自己的英文裡缺了什麼。




I think this place is the airport exit. People are waiting here.

I think this is the arrival hall. 
入境大廳是arrival hall,出境大廳是departure hall。 Exit應該是整個機場的出口。


There has a schedule about…you can see when the flight comes and when the flight goes.

The board is showing flight arrivals and departures.

There is a flight schedule board showing arriving and departing / taking off flights.


There are many pick up man waiting for their bosses.
沒有pick up man這種說法,說driver就可以了。

There are many drivers waiting for their bosses.


There is a family take a baby. 

There is a family with a baby.


The mother is checking the baby car, whether it was damaged by the cargo staff. 

The mother is checking whether the baby stroller was damaged by the cargo staff.

嬰兒推車的英文是baby stroller,不要直譯為baby car。


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